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Since Kerala Houseboats are an attraction, most of the tourists who visit Kerala backwaters are used stay overnight in Houseboat. Due to many reasons, 20% or more tourists want to experience the backwater in houseboat but do not want to stay overnight. In this article we would like to give more information about day trip or day tour in Houseboat.

Before giving details about the different day tour or day trip, one should know what is the duration of the trip they get while staying in Houseboat. Normally for an overnight booking, normal check in is at 12:00hrs and houseboat make a trip till 17:30 or 18:00hrs. During the trip, the boat halt for an hour lunch break also. Next day 07:30hrs to 09:00 or 09:30hrs depend upon the operator policy. That means, when an overnight houseboat stay is booked, generally a tourist get approximately 7hrs backwater ride. In case the guest got late, then trip time is again reduced.

Considering the day trip in houseboat, it is available from 11:00hrs to 17:00hrs or as per the demand by the guests. Generally, houseboat day trip means 6hrs trip which includes half an hour to one hour lunch break. That means, if you book a day trip boat, actual trip time you get is 5hrs and paying for 6hrs.

Introduction – Day Trip in a Houseboat is recommended to those who are staying in resorts or passing through Alleppey. This short tip will give a taste of houseboat as well as surrounding places of Alleppey backwaters. Depending on budget of the visitors, this day trip is available in two schedules.

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Houseboat day trip duration is always flexible and fixed according to guest requirement. Minimum 3hrs to maximum 7-8hrs can be booked for a day trip. But duration of day trip is depending upon which are the places you are visiting during the trip. In an overnight experience, you are visiting a good number of beautiful canals and villages. If you compare the same and want to convert to a day trip, you need minimum 6hrs in houseboat to experience the backwaters. In case you want to have a glimpse of backwaters, a 3hrs backwater trip is more than enough. If you are choosing a day tour or day trip in houseboat, you need to spend money for that day stay also.

Pick up / Check in : Alleppey Punnamada Jetty
Drop at / Check out : Alleppey Punnamada Jetty
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